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Painting 20x20cm - LIFE

Painting 20x20cm - LIFE

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We will make it in 2-4 working days. Delivery to any Omniva parcel post in Latvia.

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Sometimes we come to such stages of life when the only way to express our emotions is to take paints and brushes in our hands. Choose your favorite tones and let yourself go. Letting go of the process, being with yourself in this very moment and creating.

I thought for a long time about whether to publish these works of mine here, but then I came to the idea that it can still appeal to someone, make someone happy, make someone smile and maybe even inspire a specific action. Taking into account the cost of materials, I calculated the price symbolic so that these works are available to everyone.

SIZE: 20x20cm

MATERIAL: canvas on frame

COLORS: acrylic

COATING: high quality varnish

Each copy is unique. It is impossible to create another one. Of course, you can try, but the feelings of creating it will be different, therefore, the work itself will also be different. (if you know what I mean.)